Computer Science Capstone Classes

Here are some things to keep in mind when signing up for either the Computer Science or Computer Information Systems capstone class:

  1. All capstones should take 10 or more hours per week worth of time.
  2. All capstones should involve applying what has been learned in Computer Information Systems or Computer Science by:
    1. Applying it on a job.
    2. Applying it on a large project.
    3. Applying it on research.
  3. There are two types of capstones. A four-credit and a one-credit capstone.
    1. Select a one-credit capstone when a professor in the computer science department is not the main person supervising the work. For example, an internship or research done in conjunction with a professor in a different department.
    2. Select a four-credit capstone when working with a professor on a project or on research.
  4. Students taking the one-credit option must submit weekly reports to the professor.
  5. Students taking the four-credit option must meet one or more times per week with the professor.
  6. All students should contact the professor before the capstone begins. Make sure that the goals for capstone completion are documented in a clear manner. This applies to both one and four credit options.
  7. Students should have senior-level standing before signing up for the capstone.
  8. Capstones are required for majors, but not minors.

Please e-mail Paul Craven ( if you have any questions about capstones, and I will do my best to get them answered.