With Des Moines only twenty minutes away, many students have paid internships at companies close by.

Students have also obtained internships doing classified work in Washington with various U.S. government agencies that sometimes pay for college and offer a stipend.


In summer 2012, Blaise Mikels and Hannah Benson were among the students who completed computer science internships.

Blaise Mikels was a senior Math and Computer Science major with Economics and Ethics minors. He completed an intensive 12 week math and computer science internship. He worked with another intern and collaborated with a few full-time employees on a problem that involved some algorithm analysis. When asked about his time at the internship, Blaise replied, “It was a very neat experience, and I was amazed at how much I learned in just three months. I was challenged intellectually every day, but I left the internship feeling like I made a lot of good progress on the project I worked on.”

Hannah Benson was a senior Math and Computer Science major. She completed a computer science internship this summer doing web development programming and developed an Android mobile phone app. She is also currently working at a computer science internship for John Deere. At her internship, Hannah is putting what she learned in the classroom to use. Hannah said, “I’ve been updating and redesigning John Deere’s employee webpage. Working at John Deere has helped to teach me how to apply what I have learned in school in the real world, and has [taught] me that I will never stop learning.”