Programming Contests


Assistant Professor Mark Brodie took thirteen Simpson students to the 2013 Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium (MICS) held April 19 and 20th in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The students made up 5 teams who participated in a 3-hour programming contest against about 50 teams from small colleges all over the Midwest.

Special congratulations go to Adam Smith, Zach Huebener and Mike Henry who finished in 3rd place, solving 5 out of the 7 problems, and winning $200. The team of Linsey Williams, Jaris van Maanen, and Joel Gawarecki finished in 6th place, solving 4 out of the 7 problems. No other college had 2 teams that finished in the top 6.

The other students who participated were Ben Dimit, Jacob Feld, Simeon Olsgaard, Evan Kimberlin, Kendra Klocke, Thomas Klein, and Tony Clark. All the students enjoyed the contest and are enthusiastic about competing again next time!

Here are all the students:

MICS 2013 Programming Contest

Adam, Mike, and Zach receiving the 3rd place award.


Joel, Linsey, and Jaris:


Mike, Adam, and Zach:


Jacob and Ben:


Evan and Simeon:


Tony, Thomas, and Kendra:



On April 13 – 14 2012, Dr. Lydia Sinapova and Dr. Mark Brodie attended the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium (MICS 2012) at UNI with 12 students, all majors and minors in Computer Science. The students presented two papers and participated in the programming contest.

Papers: Adam Smith and Joel Gawarecki presented “Optimization of Tile Sets for DNA Self-Assembly”, co-authored with Linsey Williams and Jaris Van Maanen. Zach Huebener presented “Three Approaches to Solving the Motif-Finding Problem”, co-authored with Kylie Van Houten.

Contest: Four teams of three students each participated in the programming contest. The team of Adam Smith, Blaise Mikels and Zach Huebener won SECOND PLACE (and a prize of $250) among 48 teams from colleges and universities across the Midwest. This is the best performance yet achieved by a Simpson team.

The full list of students who attended is: Cale Cunningham, Ben Dimit, Jacob Feld, Joel Gawarecki, Zach Huebener, Bronson Mayse, Blaise Mikels, Adam Smith, Connor Uhlman, Jaris van Maanen, Linsey Williams, and Jacob Williamson. Everyone enjoyed the conference greatly and are looking forward to next year’s event!


On Friday April 8 six students participated in the programming contest at the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium, Duluth, MN – Jaris Van Maanen, Joel Gawarecki, Whitney Thompson, Adam Smith, Blaise Mikels and Zach Huebener.

Out of 45 teams, Jaris Van Maanen, Joel Gawarecki and Whitney ThompsonĀ got 5th place. Adam Smith, Blaise Mikels and Zach Huebener got 9th place. Both teams solved 3 out of 7 problems.