Student Projects

Check out some of the projects and research that students have been working on here at Simpson!


Student Video Games – See video games created by students as their final project for the CMSC 150 first semester programming class.
Student Animations, Week 5 – See animations created by students learning to program, after only their 5th week!  
Student Images, Week 3 – See images created by students learning to program, after only their 3rd week of learning to program.  



Student Video Games – These are games that students created Spring 2012. This was their first semester of programming, and by the end each had created their own video game! Click for a YouTube video play list of their games.
Cub Scouts and Lego Mindstorms – Project Management students used skills learned in the project management class to put together a wildly successful cub scout meeting, showing students all about Lego Mindstorms.  
Computer Programming Contest – Students place 2nd out of 48 teams in programming contest.


3D Movies – Students team up to create 3D movies using the software Blender.
 2011 Programming contest – A huge success!  
iPhone Programs – Need your own mobile phone app? Our students can do that!  
Computer Games – First semester students in the evening West Des Moines class created these games for their final project.  
Girl Scouts – Students in the project management class used the skills outlined in the PMBOK to run two girl scout meetings.