Continuing & Graduate Alumni Mentoring Program

Adult students come to Simpson College with variety of work experience, perhaps some prior college credits, and the intense desire to move forward academically and professionally. The Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) is an opportunity to build on classroom skills and job experience with the understanding and guidance from someone … who has been there too!


AMP is Connection

AMP connects current Simpson College C&G students with C&G alumni mentors. A Simpson College Mentor serves as a guide, friend, and resource to share Simpson education and work experience. Mentors shepherd students through professional networking, build on communication and interview skills, and provide a framework to connect what students learn in class to their chosen career.

AMP is Support

The emotional support of a mentor is invaluable in both the success of a college student, but also his or her long-term satisfaction with a chosen career. Brandon Busteed, Executive Director of Gallup Education, writes about the importance of college mentors in Inside Higher Ed: “Feeling supported and having deep learning experiences during college means everything when it comes to long-term outcomes after college.”

AMP is Encouragement

Simpson College Dean of Continuing, Graduate, & Online Programs, Amy Gieseke, sees it this way, “So many of our adult students have a strong foundation of work experience. They have already discovered a passion for their chosen field, be it accounting, criminal justice, or information technology. What they need is that final push to convert their learning and experience into a better job.”

AMP is Promotion

Twenty-five percent of Simpson C&G students receive tuition reimbursement benefits from their employer. Many of the students receiving this benefit love where they work and want to continue to advance their career where they are. What a great opportunity to connect with a C&G Simpson Alumni who can help you in your chosen field, or even place of work. Our mentors “get it” too!

We are AMP’d up!

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