Cost of Attending School


The following expense estimates are based on 2018-2019 academic year budgets: 

Full-time Tuition $38,412
Required Fees $     732
Standard Room $  4,062
Board Plan $  4,318
Total Billable Charge $47,524

These expenses will vary each semester and largely depend on individual needs and program of study.  On average, full-time undergraduate students should plan to spend about $1,324 per year for books and supplies.

Students who have sufficient credit in their financial aid to pay for books and supplies may request a book voucher from the office of financial assistance to charge books and supplies to their student account.  Book vouchers may be obtained in the office of financial assistance two weeks prior to classes starting.

 Personal/Transportation:  Personal costs vary from $1,658 to $3,640 depending upon dependency status, degree program and place of residence while attending Simpson College. Depending upon whether the student lives on or off campus, or with parent, transportation costs allowable for financial aid purposes vary from $1,458 to $2,258.

 Off-Campus Room/Board:  Costs for off-campus room and board vary depending upon dependency status and type of living arrangement (i.e., with parent, in an apartment, etc.).

Continuing and Graduate Program Students:  Students who take at least 12 credits in a given semester (with 1 or more credits being day time classes) are charged at the full-time tuition rate. To qualify for financial aid as a full-time student, enrollment must be 12 or more credits per semester (with 1 or more credits being day time). Part-time students (those taking less than 12 credits per semester) are charged on a per credit basis. Day and evening credits are charged at different rates. If you have questions regarding “per credit” costs, please contact the business office at 1-800-362-2454, x1655.