Resources for Faculty/Staff

As members of the Simpson community, you may be constantly interacting with students. At times you will have contact with students whose problems or behaviors cause you concern, discomfort or may interfere with your work or the education of other students. As an individual interacting daily with students, you are in an excellent position to recognize potential problems. Even upon noticing signs of distress, it can be difficult to intervene. These pages were created to give you the tools and information to do so effectively.

College students may encounter a great deal of stress during their academic experience. Although many students cope successfully with the demands of college life, for some the pressures can become overwhelming and unmanageable. You are likely to be the first person a student reaches out to for help or the first to notice important behavioral changes that indicate a student is experiencing distress. Given the increased attention to violent acts committed on college campuses, this can often feel like an overwhelming position in which to be. Intervention and action, however, are key. Your ability to recognize the signs of emotional distress and to make an initial intervention can have a significant impact on a student’s future well being.

Part of the mission of Simpson Counseling Services (SCS) is to serve the college community, and we have prepared these pages to assist you in identifying distressed students and to facilitate appropriate referrals to the SCS or other crisis support services. We encourage you to consult with SCS staff as often as needed about issues of concern related to students.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Counseling Services 515-961-1332
Security 515-961-1711
SARA Hotline 515-330-6392
Indianola Police 515-961-9400 or 911
Iowa Lutheran Hospital 515-263-5120
American Red Cross 24 Hour Hotline 515-244-1010