Who to Contact If…

A student is disrupting class.

  • Screaming, cursing, threats of harm to self or others, aggressive/violent/dangerous actions, carrying weapons, etc.
  • Security (515-961-1711) can handle most situations.
  • In case of emergencies, call 911

A student displays emotional, cognitive or interpersonal concerns.

  • Sadness, incontrollable crying, irritability, anger, erratic mood, listlessness, lack of confidence.
  • Poor concentration, disorganized thinking, impaired memory.
  • Relationship conflict, loss, social difficulties, sexual concerns or inappropriateness.
  • Counseling Services provides free counseling to all students (515-961-1332) and offers referrals for students seeking services elsewhere.
  • Student Development (515-961-1592) addresses issues regarding judicial, housing or diversity concerns.
  • Chaplains (515-961-1610) address spiritual as well as some emotional concerns.

A student who has financial concerns.

  • Financial Aid Office (515-961-1630) can provide support and guidance on loans, scholarships, or financial aid.
  • Business Office (515-961-1665) can provide information on payments.

A student is experiencing academic struggles.

  • Hawley Resource Center (515-961-1524) provides free academic resources to all students including tutoring, academic accommodations, and assistance with writing and study skills.
  • Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning (515-961-1667) provides vocational exploration through volunteer service, civic engagement, service-learning, career counseling, internships, job, expos and fairs (job, graduate school, and volunteer).
  • Student Support Services (515-961-1230) promotes learning, personal development, and retention of college students who are traditionally under-represented in post-secondary education because of income, family education background, or disability.

A student is experiencing illness or injury.

  • Health Services (515-961-1604) is open MWF 8:30-4:30 and TH 9:00-3:00.
  • There is a nurse on duty during open hours.
  • Also can offer information about health insurance available to students .
  • If there is an emergency, or if the health center is closed, please contact Security (515-961-1711) or call 911.