Sexual Assault Response Advocates (SARA)

Call SARA at 515-330-6392 

What is SARA?

SARA provides 24/7 advocacy services to anyone in need of support and/or assistance due to sexual assault. SARA is a campus organization aimed at creating greater awareness about sexual assault. The goal of SARA is to educate and assist members of the Simpson community in dealing with sexual assault and sexual misconduct. SARA consists of faculty, staff and student advocates who are specially trained to provide education and support in sexual assault incidents on campus. SARA is also a student-run organization which provides educational programming about issues related to dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and being conscientious about sexual choices.

What does SARA do?

  • Organizes awareness activities
  • Provides advocacy services
  • Serves as an educational resource to the campus community
  • Trains faculty, staff and students to more effectively deal with issues related to sexual misconduct.

When should I contact a SARA?

You can call or text a SARA anytime you would like to have a confidential conversation with a trained individual about issues related to assault. SARAs are available to support both men and women who may have been assaulted. The on-call SARA has been trained to help victim’s deal with the aftermath of being sexually assaulted. The period after a traumatic event can be confusing; SARAs ensure that no survivor or student-at-risk has to navigate the medical, legal, mental health, or university system alone. Members will explain what options and resources are available and will assist you through whatever steps you decide to take. SARA members will maintain confidentiality to the fullest extent possible.

SARAs are also available to support individuals who are struggling with long-term effects of assault, individuals who are concerned about friends or family members or individuals simply in need of someone to talk to about confusing or uncomfortable sexual or relationship related experiences. It doesn’t matter how long ago the assault occurred. You are encouraged to talk with a SARA about your situation.

How do I get in touch with an advocate?

A SARA advocate is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when classes are in session. You can reach the on-call advocate at 515-330-6392 by phone or text. In addition, if you would prefer to speak with a specific SARA volunteer you can reach out to any of the individuals listed below.  When you contact the SARA line you may also request to speak with a specific SARA and the SARA on-call will do his or her best to put you in contact with that person.  When classes are not in session the SARA line will direct you to contact Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services at 515-286-3600.

Ashley Smith
Bobbi Fogle
Brenda Soto
Brooke Westphalen
Hallen Phung
Jackie Cullinan
Lauren Meyers
Liz Nimmo
Rachel Hoffman
Robert King
Savannah Calaway
Susan Alt
Tim Palese
Tegan Jarchow
Tristan Carman


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