Current Fellows

Culver Fellows earn a renewable annual scholarship in the range of $16,000 to $20,000 to pursue their interests in political science, public policy, history, journalism, international relations, and related fields. Fellows serve as ambassadors for the John C. Culver Public Policy Center, welcoming distinguished speakers to campus and leading voter registration and civic engagement initiatives. Unique opportunities available to Culver Fellows include:

  • Attending the annual conference of the National Campaign for Political & Civic Engagement at the Harvard Institute of Politics;
  • Serving as Ambassadors for the Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Vote Everywhere Program;
  • Organizing debates, town halls, public forums, and candidate visits to campus;
  • Access to internship and job opportunities in politics and government;
  • Working with the director of the Culver Center to develop a signature research or advocacy project to extend academic coursework into experiential learning opportunities and leadership roles.

Applications for the Culver Fellowship are due each year on February 1 for the incoming fall class of first year students. Click here for application guidelines and materials.

Michelle Beving – Class of 2017

Michelle Beving - Culver Fellow Class of 2016Michelle Beving is a Culver Fellow from Hartley, Iowa, where she attended Hartley Melvin Sanborn High  School. She is pursuing double majors in Political Science and Religion. In addition to being a Culver Fellow,  Michelle is involved in Speech and Debate, serves as Community Service Chair of Rotaract, and is a Wesley Service  Scholar.




Tegan Jarchow – Class of 2017

Tegan Jarchow - Culver Fellow Class of 2017Tegan Jarchow is a Culver Fellow from Prairie Village, Kansas. She  studied at Shawnee Mission South High School before coming to  Simpson College. Her parents are Jan and Pete Jarchow. She also has a  brother, Zach Jarchow. She became interested in politics and public  policy because she has always been interested in history and current  events. She believes patterns of politics and policy contribute to history  and how our society is maintained. She hails from a family that  discusses politics a lot. She is constantly inspired to use politics and  public policy as an end to better society and individual people’s lives. At  Simpson, she is majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. After graduating from Simpson, she is interested in joining the Peace Corps, doing policy analysis or formulation, working for an NGO, or doing lobbying or issue advocacy. She is involved in Simpson College Democrats, Environmental Awareness Club, Rotaract Club, Social Justice Book Club, Religious Life Community events, Pizza and Philosophy, and Speech and Debate.​

Emily Ortiz – Class of 2017

Emily Ortiz - Culver Fellow Class of 2017

Emily Ortiz is a Culver Fellow from Lawrence, Kansas. She attended  Lawrence High  School before coming to Simpson. Both of her parents  are politically active, so from a  young age, she has grown up around  politics. Her parents’ enthusiasm about politics  sparked her interest in  public policy. She is majoring in History and Political Science. In  addition to being a Culver Fellow, she participates in the Simpson  College Speech and  Debate team and is active in Simpson College  Democrats. “The Culver Center has provided  me with the opportunity to visit Washington D.C., an unforgettable trip that has furthered  my interest in the politics of our nation, a field which I am thinking of going into.” She  believes that service and public policy are important because they create fundamental  understandings between people.

Britney Samuelson – Class of 2017

Britney Samuelson - Culver Fellow Class of 2017Britney Samuelson is a Culver Fellow from Newton, Iowa. She is majoring in Social Justice, Applied  Philosophy, and Spanish  with a minor in Latin American Studies. Currently, Britney is the philanthropy chair of  the Simpson College chapter of Delta Delta  Delta, and she also does volunteer work with the Wesley Service  Scholars program on campus.​ Britney’s interest in politics began  when she served as a page in the Iowa Senate  during her junior year in high school. Ever since then, she has been interested in how  politics and government  impact lives. Her future plans involve attending graduate school for a master’s degree in public policy, then  working with an organization to protect civil rights. Public policy is important to Britney because she believes it  has the power to  make a positive difference in all people’s lives.​

Olivia Anderson – Class of 2018

Olivia Anderson - Culver Fellow Class of 2018Olivia Anderson is a Culver Fellow from Oak Ridge, North Carolina.  At Simpson, she is pursuing a triple major in Political Science, Spanish, and Applied Philosophy.  Olivia is a member of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, Simpson Votes, and an active participant on the Simpson College Speech and Debate Team.  She is also the President of Simpson College Democrats and an Ambassador for the Andrew Goodman Foundation.  Likewise, Olivia worked as an Organizing Fellow with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign during the summer of 2015. Upon graduation, Olivia plans to either attend law school or graduate school or join the Peace Corps.  “The Culver Fellowship is the reason why I chose to attend  Simpson. I look forward to participating in the Capitol Hill Internship Program as well as becoming involved in  the thrilling world of Iowa politics.”​

Niki Dean – Class of 2018

Niki Dean - Culver Fellow Class of 2018

Niki Dean is a Culver Fellow from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She graduated from John F. Kennedy High School and is  currently majoring in Political Science at Simpson. Niki hopes to graduate in three years to attend law school at the  University of Iowa. The Culver Public Policy Center was one of the main reasons Niki decided to attend Simpson as  it provides many involvement opportunities to expand her interest and knowledge of politics.  Aside from being a  Culver Fellow, Niki is on the Simpson volleyball team, a member of the TRiO program, and a member of the pre- law society.


Kara Eischen – Class of 2018

Kara Eischen - Culver Fellow Class of 2018

Kara Eischen is a Culver Fellow from Wesley, Iowa. She graduated  from Bishop Garrigan High School and is majoring in Criminal Justice  at Simpson College. She plays on the Simpson softball team. Kara enjoys  being a Culver Fellow because it gives her the opportunity to explore  important issues in politics and public policy and keeps her engaged  with the community.




Zach Goodrich – Class of 2018

Zach Goodrich - Culver Fellow Class of 2018

Zach Goodrich is a Culver  Fellow from Grimes, Iowa,  where he attended Dallas Center-Grimes High School.  Zach became interested in  politics while taking U.S.  History and U.S. Government  Advanced Placement classes  in high school and  participating in the Capitol Project, which included a week-long mock legislative session at the Iowa State Capitol in 2013. His political experience includes working for the Polk County Republican Party, interning in the Iowa Senate, and working on primary campaigns. Zach is majoring in Political Science, Business Management, and History. After graduating from Simpson, he plans to attend Drake Law School for his JD and MBA and hopes to work in corporate law and manage his own law firm while remaining involved in Iowa politics. In addition to his work as a Culver Fellow, Zach is active in Speech and Debate, Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Pre-Law Society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and First Year Council.

Allie Karpurk – Class of 2018

Allie Karpurk - Culver Fellow Class of 2015

Allie Karpurk is a Culver Fellow from Peoria, Arizona. At Simpson, she is majoring in Political Science and is  pursuing a minor in Business Management. Allie aspires to attend law school after she graduates from Simpson.  She then hopes to serve in the U.S. Senate or as a governor and become a judge later in life. She is deeply involved  in a range of activities Simpson’s campus, as a Culver Fellow, a member of the cheerleading team, Breast Cancer  Awareness Club, Campus Activities Board, and Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. Politics and public policy are  important to Allie because she believes that through them people have the power to make a positive impact in  America. “The Culver Fellowship has already provided me with so many opportunities, and I know this is the best  way for me to get involved in politics at a young age.”

Nick Laning – Class of 2018

Nick Laning - Culver Fellow Class of 2018

Nick Laning is a Culver Fellow from Byron, MN. He is double majoring in Political Science and International  Relations. Nick is involved in Student Government, Simpson College Republicans, Choir, and First Year Council.  He serves as Treasurer of the Campus Activities Board. Nick chose Simpson because of the Culver Fellowship  Program and the opportunities it presents to be involved in politics. He was deeply involved in politics while  growing up in Minnesota, having worked on U.S. House and U.S. Senate campaigns and interning in the  Minnesota State Senate. Nick hopes to use the opportunities the Culver Center offers as a foundation for a future  career in politics. He hopes to work as a political consultant and hopefully one day run for public office.

Stacey Post – Class of 2018

Stacey Post - Culver Fellow Class of 2018Stacey Post is a Culver Fellow from Des Moines, Iowa. She attended Dowling Catholic High School. She is  majoring in political science and international relations. On campus, Stacey is involved in Speech and Debate,  Campus Republicans, and her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. In addition to these, she also enjoys reading, singing,  and studying the lives of U.S. Presidents. She is excited to be a Culver Fellow because of all the opportunities,  including the Capitol Hill Internship Program, meeting prominent members of the political community, and  networking with all the people involved in the program both as fellows and as adult leadership.

Alanna Wendt – Class of 2018

Alanna Wendt - Culver Fellow Class of 2018Alanna Wendt is a Culver Fellow from Santa Rosa, California. She is a  triple major in Political Science, Theatre and International Relations.  Wendt is a member of Delta Delta Delta, Simpson College Democrats,  Simpson Debate Team, and the Pre-Law Society. She views the Culver  Fellowship as an honor and looks forward to expanding her knowledge  of government and public policy. She is committed to continuing her  pursuits of political activism as a Culver Fellow.



Danielle Bates – Class of 2019

Danielle Bates

Danielle Bates is a Culver Fellow from Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated from North Kansas City High School and is an International Baccalaureate Diploma recipient. Danielle plays tennis for Simpson and is involved in the Speech and Debate Team, Simpson College Republicans, Religious Life Community, ConnectFloor, and Simpson College Rotaract Club. Danielle has a passion for politics.  She is double majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in French. She wants to use her education from Simpson to go onto grad school and then aid countries in need of assistance due to a corrupt government, recent war, natural disaster or other large scale problem. She is honored to be a part of the Culver Fellowship and views it as a way to better herself while keeping up with her passion for politics and public service.

Jacob Bruns – Class of 2019

Jacob Bruns Culver Fellow

Jacob Bruns is a Culver Fellow from Washington, Iowa. He is a double major in Economics and Political Science who is working towards becoming a financial advisor or post-secondary instructor. Jacob looks forward to using his time at Simpson College to positively impact the community and prepare himself for graduate school. Jacob is involved in the Student Government Association as a 1st year Student Senate Representative, and is a member of the Speech & Debate team, Simpson College Democrats, First Year Council, and Greek Life. Jacob believes that the future of the United States will be determined by how well the American public is educated and engaged in public policy. “The John C. Culver Public Policy Center is what drew me to Simpson College. As soon as I learned I was accepted as a fellow, I knew that this was the place where I could do the best for myself and for the community.”


Bobbi Fogle – Class of 2019

Bobbi Fogle Culver Fellow

Bobbi Fogle is a Culver Fellow from Oskaloosa, Iowa. While in high school, she discovered her passion for public policy as an American Legion Auxiliary Girl’s State citizen, speech and debate team captain, and fellow for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Bobbi is double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. She is involved in speech and debate and Simpson College Democrats. After graduation from Simpson she plans to pursue graduate school and eventually work to craft improved public policy. “The Culver Center was a major factor in my college decision. I’m honored to have been selected as a Fellow and look forward to all of the great opportunities over the coming years!”


Randy Paulson – Class of 2019

Randy Paulson Culver Fellow

Randy Paulson is a Culver Fellow from Grinnell, Iowa.  He plans to major in Multimedia Journalism and minor in Spanish.  He is also interested in studying History, Political Science and Public Relations.  Randy became interested in government affairs and politics while in high school through his involvement in debate and also from taking Advanced Placement American Government and Politics.  At Simpson, he is involved in Speech and Debate, Rotaract Club, Religious Life Community, and the Simpson Acorn (a satirical publication).  As a Culver Fellow, Randy is very excited to be involved in the political scene while at Simpson and looks forward to meeting all the prominent political figures the campus will host throughout the coming years.  He feels that civic engagement is key to understanding the way a democratic society functions and allows individuals to help shape the world in which they live.


Sydney Samples – Class of 2019

Sydney Samples Culver Fellow

Sydney Samples is a Culver Fellow from Des Moines, Iowa, where she graduated from Saydel High School. Sydney became interested in politics while taking history and government classes in high school and while being a leader on her school’s mock trial team. She plans to double major in political science and environmental studies with a minor in Spanish, then hopes to then go on to law school to become an environmental lawyer.  In addition to being a Culver Fellow, Sydney plans to be involved in debate, religious life, and looks forward to participating in the Capitol Hill Internship Program.


Emily Schwickerath – Class of 2019

Emily Schwickerath Culver Fellow

Emily Schwickerath is a Culver Fellow from New Hampton, Iowa. She is majoring in Political Science and International Relations with minors in Religion, Economics, and Spanish.  Schwickerath intends to go to law school after graduating from Simpson.  Following law school, she hopes to work on public policy to ensure America’s economic and foreign relations security.  She is heavily involved on Simpson’s campus on the speech and debate team. Being taught to always work hard and stand up for one’s values and beliefs are important personal traits that Schwickerath hopes to use to improve the world.  “I’m honored to be a member of the Culver Fellowship Program. The tools it provides will help ensure I reach success not only in the classroom, but out in the local, state, national and global community, as well.”


Kelly Stone – Class of 2019

Kelly Stone Culver Fellow

Kelly Stone is a Culver Fellow from Louisburg, Kansas. She is majoring in Chemistry and Political Science. Kelly’s interest in Politics was sparked when she first began participating in debate as a freshman in high school. “One of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Simpson was the unique opportunity the Culver Fellowship offers to students interested in Politics. The Capitol Hill Internship Program in Washington D.C. is a huge advantage.”