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As a parent or family member of a Simpson College student, you are part of a community of faculty, staff, alumni and other families who are dedicated to the goal of ensuring that your student has the best educational experience possible. For students, college is a time marked by a variety of emotions from excitement and happiness to fear and indecision.  Over the next few years, your student will define values and beliefs, gain new independence, and explore the possibilities the future holds.  As a parent or support person, your student will often turn to you for advice, feedback, or just a sympathetic ear.  The values and lessons you taught them will influence the decisions they make at Simpson College and beyond.

You are going to have your own transition that comes with its own set of emotions and issues to deal with. Trust, patience and communication will be as important as ever, but giving your student space and time to become an adult will now be the new norm.  Both of you will emerge from these four years with a new appreciation for each other.  What a sense of pride you will have as you watch your Simpson College graduate receive their diploma!

We hope you will use the resources available in the Simpson Family Connection to help you and your student successfully navigate through this exciting time.

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