Jorie Landers volunteering at a soup kitchen

What do you have to offer your community and the world? More than you might imagine. Simpson remains passionate about producing well-rounded, civic-minded, contributing members of society. That’s why we set up the Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning (CVIL). It’s another reason why our graduates are set for success.

CVIL was formed to challenge students to identify their vocation – not just their occupation – as global citizens and leaders through engagement, service, career development and reflection. CVIL helps students integrate a liberal arts education with vocational exploration, leadership and experiential learning to meet the demands of the modern workplace. In other words, Simpson wants to see you succeed and to do that, we help in every way we can with programs like CVIL. 


Success Stories

Sara Warrick Swansen ’92- Youth Emergency Services And Shelter

“In my eyes, kids are so resilient that it just takes one person to make a difference. If I can be that one person in their life, to give them that hope message, it’s worth it.” More…

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