Music, Physical Education, and Coaching

Simpson College nurtures and prepares highly effective teachers who are competent, caring, and reflective.

Simpson students interested in teaching Art, Music, and Physical Education can complete a Bachelor's Degree and earn a teaching license in 4 years.  Your major will include education classes and classes in your content area.



-Elementary and Secondary

-Earn a license to teach K-12

-Learn more at the Music Education page



-Elementary and Secondary

-Earn a license to teach K-12

-Learn more at the Physical Education page


-Many of our Physical Education students also become licensed to teach health

-Learn more at the Health Endorsement page



-Many Elementary, Secondary, and Physical Education students become a licensed coach

-Learn more at the Coaching Minor page

Success Stories

Darrin Seamster ’11- Internships In Physical Education And Coaching

“Because of Simpson College, I gained real world experience through my internships in physical education and coaching.” More…

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