Course Projects of Note!

Interesting course related projects, assignments, or performances completed by Simpson Education students

STEM in the Elementary Classroom

Students in the Elementary Science and Mathematics Methods courses explore the nature of STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) in the K-6 curriculum by engaging in and analyzing exemplary STEM activities.

Ping Pong Towers — using only spaghetti and tape, build a cost effective structure that will support a ping pong ball as high off the table as possible.

The Puff Mobile Challenge involved designing, building, testing and modifying a wind-driven vehicle using simple materials. Link to all pictures

The Straw Bridge activity challenged the cooperative teams to build, using limited supplies, the strongest bridge structure they could. The bridge designs were then subjected to stress tests. Link to all pictures.


Science in the Streets!

Slide1Students in Mary Bog’s Elementary Science Methods Class search for and demonstrate the everyday science that is all around us.

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Acts of Activism

From Patti Woodward-Young’s course EDUC 321 HUMAN RELATIONS:  Over the course of this semester we read, view, discuss and explore in many manners a myriad of social injustices connected with our educational system. Some of these are housed in the attitudes and biases of individuals while others are embodied in systematic inequality in our institutions. I am going to ask each of you to find one inequality about which you are passionate and to design and carry out an act of activism to bring about positive change.

Here are a few “digital” examples…

Note Card Story: A Boy Crisis

Love Every Aspect of You

End of Bullying

Maybe We Did Start the Fire

> Pretty Hurts

> Poverty and Education Inequality–Raising Awareness

Words Hurt

Gender Roles in Education