Current Projects

Simpson students are currently working to grow their own jobs with range of local startups including the following:

Modern DickensModern Dickens logo

The Modern Dickens project is under development by two Simpson teams: a group in the senior management seminar and a team of English majors.  The base of the project is a serial novel-a text comprised of chapters each written by a different aspiring writer.  Each month, writers submit their work for consideration as the next chapter.  The team of English majors and faculty members reviews the submissions and chooses the winning work.  That piece is published online for prospective writers to review.  One month later, submissions are due for the next chapter.   While the English team reviews submissions and develops the new Simpson College Press, the management students are working on business development.  Read more about one student working on that aspect.


LNR Logo-Emerge LNR is a new pavement marking technology.  Rather than paint stripes on roads and parking lots, LNR allows the color to be imbedded into the concrete.  With this technology, the intensive Sample from LNR Colored Concretelabor of repeat painting annually is rendered obsolete.  The technology of this project was developed by outside industry, and the idea was brought to Emerge for further business development.  Senior, Molly Hill, has been doing independent research in cost accounting in Fall 2013 in an effort to determine appropriate pricing strategy for the product.


Hilo (  Hilo is a talent analytics system that helps companies put the right people in the right seats. It is a quantitative, objective cloud platform that distills job seeker personality, credentials and practical information to produce a ranked order fit of individuals for any given job.  Hilo encompasses a powerful personality assessment powered by The Birkman Method ®, as well as 10 other core dimensions, and is automated to provide results in real time all the time.  The Hilo team of Simpson students are defining and implementing a rollout strategy for Iowa, working with local companies and development authorities to increase user adoption.


PlayTagger (  PlayTagger is an individual-focused, online highlight reel.  PlayTagger Rugby is available exclusively through World Rugby Shop (, and PlayTagger Volleyball and PlayTagger Hockey will soon be releasing through Sport Spotlight (  Individual athletes that want to be seen by coaches or scouts can link any YouTube video to the PlayTagger system and time-stamp (i.e. Tag) any relevant event (e.g. tackle, pass, sore, kick) within that video.  Coaches and scouts can search for players based on these Tags, jumping from place to place  across all videos in the PlayTagger system with one simple click.  The PlayTagger team of Simpson students is developing rollout plans for likely vertical markets such as soccer and lacrosse, preparing to rollout in the hockey and volleyball verticals, and is tracking and driving user adoption in the rugby vertical.


GFEX ( GFEX is the only green energy trading platform that allows retail users to purchase small batches of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset the carbon footprint of their home or personal activities.  The GFEX team of Simpson students is developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan for reaching both environmentally conscious home owners and energy traders in an effort to increase the number of users and increase their daily activity on the GFEX platform.


ENpact ( ENpact is a “micro-survey” tool adapted from the COSC Evergreen Certification program.  Instead of gathering a large number of questions from a small portion of a target population, ENpact asks one question per contact to increase user response rate.  This approach has demonstrated response rates that are more than 20 time greater than its email marketing and surveying competitors.  Lead by a recent Simpson graduate, the ENpact team of Simpson students is creating and testing educational materials that are designed to increase the rate of user adoption.