Innovation Immersion Program

Hone and demonstrate your "intrapreneurial" skills

The EMERGE Innovation Immersion Program embeds you as a member of a startup team for the duration of the course. Our program helps you become a respected change agent within your company by gaining entrepreneurial experience.


“Innovation is what drives today’s global economy. Our ability to insert a new way of thinking into even our traditional corporate environments will be the difference-maker. Innovation in all areas of our economy — from start-ups to our most established businesses — will be the one enduring competitive advantage.”

–Debi Durham, Director
Iowa Economic Development Authority

The Innovation Immersion course is targeted to:
• Service a class of 18-24 students working with one “startup in residence”
• Provide 108 group "lab" hours over 9 weeks
• Provide 4 Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
• Conduct the opening weekend session in the Simpson College West Des Moines campus
• Operate primarily off-site in Gravitate (downtown Des Moines startup coworking space)


In•tra•pre•neur•ship (n) 1. Successful adaptation of
entrepreneurial attitudes and strategies inside of
a bureaucratic organization. 2. Implementation
of start-up practices within a large organization,
producing valued innovation.

Sadler photo

“At CenturyLink, we must innovate in order to keep pace with our customers’ changing needs”

- Michael Sadler, Assistant Vice President-Public Policy and Government Relations at CenturyLink

Jay Byers Head Shot“EMERGE teams transform innovation into business.”

- Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership

If you are ready to reserve your space to become the change agent in your organization, sign up below.  All participants are asked to indicate their area of focus.  Choose your preferred focus area and note that there are only 4 spots available for each area, so space is limited.


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