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Mike Wilson English Storm Story

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Mike Wilson ’10

I had not come to Simpson intending to be an English major, but after taking a class with Nancy St. Clair, I realized that I was born for English, and quickly began making up for lost time. More…

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Student must complete nine courses and the Senior Capstone as follows: Students in Nancy St. Clair's OfficeOne course from the following:

  • Eng 202 Fiction Writing
  • Eng 203 Poetry Writing
  • Eng 204 Nonfiction Writing

One course from the following:

  • Eng 209 British Literature I
  • Eng 210 British Literature II

One course from the following:

  • Eng 212 U.S. Literature I
  • Eng 213 U.S. Literature II

One pre-1800 course (if a student has already taken an early British or U.S. survey, he or she must choose an additional pre-1800 course; also, English 116 will not fulfill credit toward the pre-1800 requirement) One ethnic U.S./global literature course Four additional courses (two of which must be at the 300-level) Senior Project Capstone