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Woman-Regardless-Cover-JPGThe Project’s Latest Novel

She is a Woman, Regardless of the insults, abuse and pain she endures.

For six years after she was ostracized by her family, Tara Carson, a transgender woman living in Des Moines, Iowa, has learned to live a life apart. She managed to acquire a job in a less-than-accepting market, found support and shelter with her friend, Zach, and learned to shrug off every glare, snicker, and affront she suffered on the streets.

But when she receives a call from someone she hasn’t spoken to in years, Tara must again face head-on the oppressive ideas that wrenched her away from her family and forced her to make her own way in a difficult and hostile world.

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About the Modern Dickens Project



About the Modern Dickens Project

The Modern Dickens Project is a great opportunity for students from different majors to collaborate through the EMERGE program at Simpson College. This project brings together the Senior Management Seminar team and a team of English majors to market and produce a serial novel. Named for its similarity to Charles Dickens’ serial stories, the final project is a published novel containing a collection of chapters written by a range of aspiring Iowa authors.

To begin the novel, an opening chapter is selected then posted online. Prospective writers submit a continuing chapter for review by the editorial team. The editors select the best entry, and the chapter is edited for continuity prior to being posted online to be read by the public as well as the next round of prospective writers. The submission and selection process continues each month until the story is complete. As the novel takes shape, the Senior Management Seminar team works to publicize the project and market the final product.

For more info on the Modern Dickens Project and to see more of our work, visit the Modern Dickens website.

To learn more about the EMERGE program, visit Simpson’s EMERGE page.