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At Simpson College, we are dedicated to providing adult students with the finest accounting education possible, utilizing small classroom sizes with personal attention to every student's needs. We teach the skills needed to successfully compete in today's job market, in both public accounting and private accounting.

Many students studying accounting are interested in the CPA concentration. Our faculty work hard to make sure that students are prepared to pass the CPA exam after graduation.

  • Students who choose to sit for the CPA exam will complete 128 credits to graduate from Simpson plus an additional 22 credits to qualify for the exam. This is easily achieved by working with a personalized advisor on your course schedule.
  • Accounting students have access to guest speakers, professional conferences, individual resume review, and professional development opportunities.
  • Simpson's curriculum is designed with the needs of today's employers in mind.  Develop the skills you need to succeed in your career: accounting expertise and skills in critical thinking, analysis, and communication.

Required Major Courses (52 credits)

ECON 100: Principles of Economics 4cr.

This course utilizes the analytical approaches and tools of economics to examine current issues and problems that occur in economic systems. Particular focus is paid to the examination of macroeconomic and microeconomic markets, how they determine what is produced, and the role government plays in the allocation of resources. Offered every semester.

ECON 135: Applied Statistics 4cr.

Fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics studied through business applications. Topics include central tendency and variability, frequency distributions, elementary probability theory, binomial, normal, and t-distributions, sampling theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis.Prerequisite: One of MATH-105/105T, MATH-130/130T, Math ACT of 22 or higher or Math SAT of 530 or higher. Students majoring in a Social Science should take SOC/PSYC-210 rather than this course. Credit will not be given for both SOC-210 or PSYC 215 and ECON-135. Offered every semester. (QUANT)

ACCT 201: Introduction to Accounting 4cr.

Introduction to accounting that focuses on both external and internal accounting information. Topics include using and analyzing financial statements and related information for making economic decisions in today's business world by external decision makers, using management accounting information for various internal decisions including CVP analysis, the business decisions that impact the business value chain. Offered every semester. (QUANT)

ACCT 250: Introduction to Accounting Systems 4cr.

This course will explore manually run accounting systems and then the use of computer applications for the accounting function. This course will cover accrual accounting, journal entries, the year-end closing of accounts and the preparation of financial statements. Prerequisite: ACCT-201. Offered every spring.

ACCT 341: Intermediate Accounting I 4cr.

A study of financial accounting, financial statements, and annual reports with an emphasis on the use of GAAP. Topics of study include an examination of the conceptual framework for financial reporting, the use of time value of money concepts in accounting, the accounting for assets of a business, and accounting the liabilities of a business. Prerequisites: ACCT-201, ACCT-250. Offered every fall.

ACCT 342: Intermediate Accounting II 4cr.

A continuation of the study of financial accounting, financial statements and annual reports with emphasis on the use of GAAP. Topics of study include accounting for stockholder equity, revenue recognition, income reporting concepts, accounting for income taxes, and pensions and post-retirement benefits. Prerequisites: ACCT-341. Offered every spring.

ACCT 345: Advanced Accounting Topics 4cr.

A study of the specialized topics in accounting. Topics include accounting for leases, the statement of cash flows, the concept of full disclosure, accounting for business combinations, consolidation, and foreign currency transactions. Prerequisite: ACCT-342. Offered every fall. 

ACCT 353: Cost Accounting 4cr.

Examination of methods of accumulating and allocating costs of production for purposes of planning and control in organizations. Major emphasis on inventory valuation in job order and process manufacturing, cost allocation methods in organizations, operations budgeting with analysis of variance and capital budgeting, and other decision models. Prerequisites: ACCT-201 and ACCT-250. Offered every spring. (QUANT)

ACCT 354: Individual Taxation 4cr.

The study of current income tax requirements for individuals. Topics include gross income and deductions, property transactions, business income of sole proprietorships. Prerequisites: ACCT-201, ACCT-250. Offered every fall. (INFOLIT)

ACCT 358: Auditing 4cr.

The primary purpose of this course is to assist students of accounting in understanding the work of the public accountant and to apply the methods and procedures followed in conducting an audit. Topics include: professional ethics, planning the audit, internal control, audit of electronic data processing systems, types of evidence, statistical sampling, and preparation of audit working papers and audit reports. Various case studies and projects will be utilized to demonstrate audit techniques. Prerequisites: ACCT-341, ACCT-342. Offered every fall. (CRITTHNK)

MAGT 131: Management Concepts 4cr.

An introduction to the principles of management including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and strategies. Offered every semester.

MAGT 231: Business Law & Business Ethics I 4cr.

Law and legal theories, a review of the judicial system, and legal principles applied in business. Major topics include torts, contracts, antitrust, intellectual property, Uniform Commercial Code Article 2 Sales. Ethical issues of each topic will be considered. Prerequisites: MAGT-131 and sophomore standing. Offered every fall.

ACCT 385: Capstone in Accounting 4cr.

This is a fully integrated accounting course that students take during their senior year at Simpson. The course will integrate topics covered in the previous accounting and business courses. Using the case approach, students will analyze research and communicate on various business situations. The course culminates with group and written projects. Prerequisites: MAGT-131, MAGT-231 MAGT-333; ECON-100, ECON-135; ACCT-210, ACCT-250, ACCT-341, ACCT-342 ACCT-353, ACCT-354, and ACCT-358. Offered every spring. (COLLABLDR,WRITCOM)

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Dannette Clark, Accounting Graduate