Continuing & Graduate Term 3 2013

Edited by Amy Day, December 2012

John, an adult student, sits in my office with the schedule of spring classes between us. We squint at the list of courses; he leans forward and pulls his cell phone out of his back pocket. “Hold on. Let me check with my wife.”

Adult students live in a world that involves so many others: a spouse, a son and step-daughter, co-workers, friends at church, teammates on a volleyball team . . . The decision to return to school defines the time you spend with your inner circle of family and friends... More »

Student Spotlight – Jamie Gilleland

Jamie Gilleland is an EW&G student who transferred to Simpson in Fall 2009. She is employed at Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company as a MPCI Claims Specialist. When not at work or school, she enjoys traveling, playing softball and volleyball, running, and spending time with family and friends… More »

Faculty Spotlight – Lydia Sinapova

With her transition from one culture to another, Lydia Sinapova, Professor of Computer Science, has a unique perspective that not many would have the chance experience. Since starting at Simpson in 1999, she has aided many students with their journeys toward success.… More »

Important Upcoming Dates

Interested in EW&G events including the start of Spring Classes, Speaker Series Information, and New Student Orientation? Click here to find out more about those important, upcoming dates for EW&G students! More »

Helpful Tips

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Simpson College is conducting a search for our next president.  Interested in what is going on with Simpson's Presidential search and who is involved?  This link has all of your answers! 

The November 27th installment of Simpson Speaker Series experienced a record number of attendees.  Rosemary Link, Ph.D, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, introduced our guest speaker at November's event.

Please join us for Dr. Douglas Dorner, Senior Vice President of Medical Education and Research for Iowa Health, at our upcoming February 26th edition of Simpson Speaker Series, followed by Doextra founder and Simpson Trustee Sunnie Richer on March 26th, both starting with Hors d'oeurves at 5:30pm at our West Des Moines Campus.  Questions and RSVP's can contact the West Des Moines office at 515-309-3099.

Dr. Douglas Dorner, Senior Vice President of Medical Education and Research for Iowa Health, will speak February 26th.

Doextra founder and Simpson Trustee Sunnie Richer will speak on March 26th.

A Note from Amy Day '04, Corporate Relations Specialist

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope you enjoy it.
I want to encourage you to register for Term 3 if you haven’t already. As an EW&G alumna, I admit I often waited too long and signed up for what was left rather than my first choice. That is especially easy to do in the midst of the holiday season. (On the other hand, some of those unplanned courses… More »

Simpson College's West Des Moines campus now offers a co-mingling recycling option, complete with a list of recyclable and non-recyclable items, located in the student lounge! We encourage you to make use of this new tool.