Continuing & Graduate Summer 2013

Edited by Amy Day

An Introduction by Andrea Biklen

Persistence is a challenge. I don’t mean the persistence of my 5 year old begging for a toy in Target, but the persistence of an adult student toward completing a bachelor’s degree. Adult students persist to graduation at much lower rates than their traditional counterparts. This is not due to a lack of ability, but because the other important variables in their lives (job, family, health, finances) can pull adult students away from the path toward completing a degree.

One of the ways we counter this trend at Simpson is to offer the Life Experience Portfolio for eligible students More »

Student Spotlight - John Gerlitz

Meet John Gerlitz, a Master of Arts in Teaching candidate, who is currently completing his student teaching at Indian Hills Middle School in Clive.
Gerlitz says of his experience at Simpson:
“I decided I wanted to complete a teaching degree during a military deployment to Afghanistan. I began exploring my options and eventually narrowed my choices…More »

Faculty Spotlight - Erin Smith

I teach COMM 222 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication which primarily focuses on the core principles of strategic public relations. I also facilitate COMM 360 the senior seminar capstone experience which involves real-world client campaigns and helps prepare students for professional work in a marketing agency or within a company or organization.… More »

A Note from Rosemary Link, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Congratulations to all our Continuing & Graduate students who are graduating this spring 2013. This is a proud moment in time for graduates, their extended families, their employers and their surrounding community. I always think that I am fortunate to have had so many encouragers in my life and we see it as a key characteristic of adult learners who return to school – they have family members and colleagues who are saying “you can do it.” Thank you graduates for taking up the torch and for encouraging others.

More and more employers require the BA degree, only 6% of people worldwide have this accolade and only 25% of Iowans. This is an achievement to take pride in and it confirms that you have demonstrated qualities of leadership, courage and engagement with others.

For those of you returning, or for interested family members who would like to try a course, please note…More »

People You Should Know - Tracie Pavon

How long have you been working at Simpson? I have worked at Simpson for 21 years and spent 4 years here as an undergraduate student – my workstudy job was in the financial aid office.

What exactly does your job entail? Wow! Loaded question….in a nutshell, I help students find the financial resources necessary to ensure access to a Simpson College education, with lots of compliance red tape intertwined. I hope that means “I help students”!

Where are you from? I am from Des Moines – born and lived there all my life.

What makes working at Simpson unique? I believe that Simpson is unique in that we truly help students to become their personal best. We will take students as far as they are willing to stretch themselves – there are no limits. We educate individuals, knowing that all students learn differently….More »

Important Upcoming Dates Summer Term

Commencement Ceremony, Saturday, April 27th, Cowles, Indianola Campus We wish to congratulate all Continuing & Graduate students who took part in our Commencement Ceremony Saturday, April 27th in Cowles Gymnasium. Congratulations on your achievements!… More »

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