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Marketing is a field that will never get tired or boring. It's constantly evolving.

  • Marketing is a dynamic and exciting field of study that changes as rapidly as the technology and communication tools around us do.
  • Career opportunities exist in advertising, digital marketing, e-commerce, corporate communications, media relations, government and non-profits.
  • Take specialized coursework in international marketing, advertising, sales and marketing research taught by experienced professionals working in the field.
  • Who should consider a degree in marketing? Those who describe themselves as a people-person, creative thinker, big picture person, or left-brained. If those qualities fit your personality, chances are, you are a great candidate for a marketing degree.

Required Major Courses (44 credits)

ECON 100: Principles of Economics 4cr.

This course utilizes the analytical approaches and tools of economics to examine current issues and problems that occur in economic systems. Particular focus is paid to the examination of macroeconomic and microeconomic markets, how they determine what is produced, and the role government plays in the allocation of resources. Offered every semester.

ECON 135: Applied Statistics 4cr.

Fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics studied through business applications. Topics include central tendency and variability, frequency distributions, elementary probability theory, binomial, normal, and t-distributions, sampling theory, confidency intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis.Prerequisite: One of MATH-105/105T,Math-130/130T, Math ACT of 22 or higher or Math SAT of 530 or higher. Students majoring in a Social Science should take SOC-210 rather than this course. Credit will not be given for both SOC-210 and ECON-135. Offered every semester. (QUANT)

MAGT 131: Management Concepts 4cr.

An introduction to the principles of management including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and strategies. Offered every semester.

MKTG 234: Marketing 4cr.

An analysis of the forces that influence existing and potential demand for goods and services and the role of marketing theory and technique in creating product and service offerings to satisfy this demand. Students interested in a Marketing major or minor should take this course in their sophomore year. Prerequisite: MAGT-131. Offered every semester.

MKTG 305: Sales and Sales Management 4cr.

This class will provide students with a basic understanding of sales and sales management. Sales areas covered will include the role of communication, motivation, ethics and legal issues as well as in depth analysis of the selling process. Sales management topics will include the aspects of leading, organizing, recruiting, and training the sales force. Other topics will include forecasting, compensation, and sales force evaluation. Prerequisites: MAGT 131 & MKTG 234. Offered every spring.

MKTG 336: International Marketing 4cr.

This course begins with a survey of the economic, cultural, political, and financial environments that affect an enterprise's marketing activities outside its home country. Next, various options for market entry are examined, including licensing, joint ventures, ownership, and strategic alliances. The stages of development of today's global and transnational corporations are compared and contrasted. Finally, the impact of these factors and forces on the marketing mix is examined in detail. Particular attention is paid to the issue of standardization versus localization of global marketing programs. Prerequisites: MAGT-131, MKTG-234; ECON-100. Offered fall semester. (GLOBAL, INFOLIT, WRITCOM)

MKTG 338: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Product Marketing 4cr.

Managing innovation means initiating change; entrepreneurship involves recognizing and seizing marketing opportunities; new product marketing requires going against the odds since most new product concepts never reach the market. This course is designed to introduce students to the managerial processes required to develop, nurture, and market new products, technologies, and services. Prerequisites: MAGT-131, MKTG-234, ECON-100. Offered alternate years.

MKTG 341: Advertising 4cr.

A survey of the processes involved in creating and implementing integrated marketing communications programs within the context of an organization's overall marketing effort. Particular attention will be paid to emerging trends such buzz marketing and guerilla marketing. Additional topics include the challenges and opportunities created by the Internet, cell phones, and other new media forms. Prerequisites: MAGT-131, MKTG-234. Offered every spring.

MKTG 342: Consumer Behavior 4cr.

Students will study the factors affecting buying behavior in consumer and organizational markets and their relationship in developing marketing strategies. Specifically, this course will provide students with an understanding of how socioeconomic, demographic, cultural, and psychological processes influence consumer-buying decisions. The course will also examine the differences between consumer and organizational markets such as business buying motives, the buying center and roles, and the organizational buying process. Prerequisites: ECON-100, MAGT- 131, MKTG-234. Offered every fall.

MKTG 370: Marketing Research 4cr.

This course is an introduction to the field of marketing research. Students will be provided with an understanding of the application of research principles of gathering and analyzing information to plan marketing activities. Problem formulation, procedures, research techniques and application of models to improve marketing decisions are covered, along with the usefulness of marketing research information to marketing managers. Prerequisites: MAGT 131, MKTG 234 and ECON 135. Offered every spring. (INFOLIT)

MKTG 385: Strategic Marketing Senior Seminar 4cr.

This is an advanced course in marketing management and should be taken as a capstone course during the student's senior year. This course will help students to develop skills in dealing with strategic marketing problems found in both profit and nonprofit settings. The course will focus on the utilization of market segmentation, product positioning, evaluating marketing responsiveness and competitive reaction and improving problem solving skills. Prerequisites: MAGT-131, ECON-100, ECON-135, MKTG-234, and at least four of the required 300 level marketing courses. Offered spring.

I love the fact [Simpson faculty] have real world experience in the subjects they’re teaching. Especially with adult learners. It’s not like we’re fresh out of high school and haven’t had jobs. To us, that practical added value is what makes the class more engaging and more enriching.

I would encourage anyone considering going to back to school to get in touch with Simpson. I’ve been so blessed to be part of the Simpson College family. This journey has had its ups and downs and my advisor Andrea has ridden the roller coaster with me the whole way.

Holly Merk '16, Marketing major