Accounting Certificate – Becoming a CPA in Iowa

150 hours: CPA candidates do not need 150 hours to sit for the CPA exam in Iowa, but must complete 150 hours to actually receive the CPA license from the Iowa Accountancy Examining Board.

See the Iowa Association of Certified Public Accountant’s Website for more information.

CPA candidates who have completed a baccalaureate degree, the Post Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate, and any additional courses needed for CPA preparation will most likely have completed at least 150 credit hours.

Course distribution: The candidate must have at least a baccalaureate degree or post-baccalaureate program in combination with the degree (such as the Simpson Accounting Certificate) which includes:

  • At least 28 credits in upper level accounting including courses covering the subjects of financial accounting (intermediate level or above), auditing, taxation, and management accounting. This requirement is met through the accounting certificate program.
  • At least 24 credits in business-related courses. We recommend the following in addition to the certificate: Acct 201 Introduction to Accounting, Econ 100 Principles of Economics, Magt 231 Business Law and Business Ethics I; Magt 232 Business Law and Business Ethics II; Econ 339 Corporation Finance; Econ 135 Applied Statistics.

Field experience: One year of qualifying experience in the field in an accounting or finance position is required for licensure. See rules at IACPA’s Website.