Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Requirements

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The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Degree is a nine-course 36-credit program with six courses required in the core. Three electives are selected by the student in consultation with the academic advisor to complete the degree. The required core courses include the following:

CJ502: Seminar in Justice Issues

CJ503: Seminar in Theories of Criminal Justice and Crime

CJ505: Standards of Professional Behavior

CJ506: Justice Systems Statistics

CJ507: Research Methodologies

CJ540: Social Justice and Human Rights Issues


Electives offered based on student demand include:

CJ500: Juvenile and Family Law

CJ501: Victimology

CJ504: Seminar in Justice System Decision Making

CJ508: Legal Issues for Justice Professionals

CJ524: Police and Society

CJ535: Crime and Place

CJ539: Budget Building and Resource Allocation

CJ542: Juvenile Delinquency

CJ543: Criminology

CJ544: Correctional Practices in the U.S.

CJ547:  Sexual Violence: Victims, Perpetrators and the Criminal Justice System

CJ560: Criminal Law and the Legal Process

Magt523: Human Resource Management

Magt533: Organization and Behavior

Magt540: Labor and Industrial Relations

SW501: Counseling Strategies I


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