Tuition & Costs

EWG-Rotator2016-2017 Tuition per Credit*

$525 Graduate
$397 Undergraduate
$190 Audit (non-credit)

*A technology fee of $6 will be added to each credit

For the purpose of determining enrollment status and eligibility for financial assistance, Term 1 and Term 2 credit hours are included in the Fall Semester, and Term 3 and Term 4 credit hours are included in the Spring Semester. Summer and May Term are considered as separate terms for financial aid purposes.

Students who take more than one course from the day schedule and whose total enrollment is 12+ credits are considered full-time, day students. Different tuition rates apply to day courses.

Simpson offers a variety of payment options including full payment at the beginning of the semester, delayed payments and employer reimbursement loan programs. Consult with the Business Office at 515-961-1655 for assistance in choosing the best plan for you.

Adult students may qualify for financial aid including loans, grants and scholarships. For more information contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 515-961-1630.