It's the next best thing to being here.

This is the place to check out our facilities. You can learn more about everything from the new Kent Campus Center to the fraternities and sororities on campus. You'll also find information for how to rent our spaces for weddings, parties and meetings. The more you know about our facilities, and Simpson in general, the more you will find to like.

Kresge Hall

Kresge Hall, located at 604 N C Street, is the oldest and largest residence hall on the Simpson College campus. It was built in 1949, had an addition completed in 1961, and was newly renovated in 2001. Kresge provides living accommodations for 215 first-year students on four floors. More…

Barker Hall

Barker Hall was built in 1954, renovated in 2002, and had a 76-bed addition completed in Fall 2005. It is located at 603 N Buxton Street. Housing approximately 200 first-year students, it is the 2nd largest residential building at Simpson. More…