Registration FAQs

Q: How can I give a student permission to take my course without the prerequisite?

A: Have the student send you an e-mail requesting permission to take the course.  Forward the message to with a note stating that the student has your permission to take the course only if the course is still open.  If you only say the student has your permission to take the course, the registrar’s office will enter the student in the course even if the course is closed.

You may also send an e-mail to the student giving your permission and then have the student forward the message to the Registrar.

Q: Is it better to send e-mail about registration problems to or to a specific person in the Registrar’s office?

A: It’s better to send e-mail to  If you send the message to a specific member of the Registrar’s staff and that person is out sick, the message will not be read until the person returns.  Several people in the registrar’s office regularly check

Q: How do I know if any of my advisees have Business Office holds?

A: Login to SC Connect(the portal) and go to My Actions.  Click on Faculty Information and then on Approve Advisees for Registration.  When you are asked for the term, be sure to enter the term for which students are registering, not the current term.

Q: Should I send my advisees an e-mail reminding them to sign up for advising appointments?

A: Contacting your advisees about advising appointments is always a good idea.  This also gives you the chance to let them know what you want them to do before they meet with you.

Sample instructions to your advisees.

  • Determine when you are scheduled to register and whether you have a Business Office hold.  To do this, go to SC Connect and click Student Approvals and Holds under Registration in the My Actions tab.
  • Consult your degree audit and the course schedule.  Decide which courses you would like to take next semester.  Please add those courses to your List of Preferred Courses.  A video tutorial and printed instructions are available on SC Connect to help you learn how to do this.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with me.

Be sure to tell your students how to schedule an appointment with you.  Will you have your schedule posted next to your office door?  Can students sign-up for an appointment with you online (e.g., using