Distinguished Junior Faculty Award

The Distinguished Junior Faculty Award, made possible by a generous gift from Lettie Judkins McNeill, is given each year to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding teaching, professional development, service to the college and advising. To be eligible for nomination, a faculty member must be a full-time, active, regularly appointed (tenured or tenure-track) faculty member at the rank of instructor or assistant professor. The award is given not only to recognize an excellent faculty member, but also to demonstrate Simpson’s commitment to excellent teaching, professional development, service to the college and advising. The Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) will make the recommendation for the award by May 1 to the president of the college in consultation with the academic dean. Only faculty nominations will be considered. Nominations should address one or more of the criteria for tenure and promotion as stated in Part II, Sections 7 and 8 of the Faculty Handbook. No person receiving the award can receive it a second time within a five-year period. Nominations are due in the Office of Academic Affairs by March 30, 2018. The award will be presented at the fall kickoff breakfast.


2017 Justin Brown
2016 Shane Cox
2015 JJ Butts
2014 Heidi Berger
2013 Clint Meyer
2012 Paul Craven
2011 Ryan Rehmeier
2010 Allison Wolf
2009 Carolyn Dallinger
2008 Kedron Bardwell
2007 Michael Hadden
2006 David Wolf
2005 Jeff Parmelee
2004 Mark Juffernbruch
2003 Jacqueline Brittingham
2002 Jim Palmieri
2001 Patricia Young
2000 Tom Woldt
1999 Sal Meyers
1998 Jennifer Nostrala
1997 Murphy Waggoner
1996 John Pauley
1995 Ross Leeper
1994 Nancy St. Clair
1993 Kate Joeckel
1992 Richard Tinder
1991 Cathy Baker
1990 Mark Green
1989 Marilyn Mueller
1988 Ronald Albrecht
1987 Anne Battani
1986 Margart Aten