Distinguished Research Award

The Distinguished Research Award, made possible by a generous gift from Lettie Judkins McNeill, is given to any full time, regularly appointed (tenured or tenure-track) faculty member who publishes, presents, or displays within the past three years a research project, publication, or work of art deemed to be of high professional quality by standards of peers within the appropriate discipline. Nominations may be made by the individual or any member of the Simpson College campus community and should include appropriate supporting material (e.g. published reviews, information on publisher, newspaper articles, etc.) and reference a specific work. Nominations should focus on the criteria listed below.

A designated committee (consisting of the past three recipients) reviews the nominations. Should a member of the selection committee be nominated, another former recipient will be asked by the dean to serve on the committee. The criteria used by the committee to determine the winner is whether or not the research:

  • contributed to the discipline of the recipient;
  • made a significant contribution to conversation within the discipline by peers within and outside Simpson College;
  • acknowledged impact on the scholarship/knowledge/holdings of the discipline;

Nominations for this award are due in the Office of Academic Affairs by March 19, 2018. The award is given at the spring Honors Convocation.


2017 April Drumm-Hewitt & Heather Groben
2016 JJ Butts
2015 Dave Camwell
2014 Maeve Callan
2013 John Pauley
2012 Janet Everhart
2011 Rachel Bandy
2010 David Camwell
2009 Nancy St. Clair
2008 David Wolf
2007 Robert Larsen
2006 Bill Friedricks
2005 Michael Patterson
2004 Jeff Parmelee
2003 Nancy St. Clair
2002 Nicolas Proctor
2001 Patricia Singer
2000 Bill Friedricks
1999 Tricia Calkins
1998 None given
1997 Mark Green
1996 None given
1995 Ronald Warnet
1994 Janet Heinicke
1993 None given
1992 Todd Lieber
1991 Bill Friedricks
1990 Roger Betsworth
1989 Melvin Wilk
1988 Robert Larsen
1987 Todd Lieber
1986 Ronald Warnet