Distinguished Teacher Award

The Distinguished Teacher Award, made possible by a generous gift from Lettie Judkins McNeill, is presented annually at commencement to a faculty member recognized by both students and faculty colleagues for having the following criteria:

  • Outstanding ability as a teacher
  • Concern for students’ personal development
  • Enhances high academic standards
  • Attitude and performance supports Simpson College’s goals

To be eligible for nomination, a faculty member must be a full-time, active, regularly appointed (tenured or tenure-track) associate or full professor who holds a regular non-terminal contract, and who will teach at Simpson or serve on a sabbatical basis in the subsequent year of the award. The Distinguished Teaching Award cannot be given to the same person more than once in any five-year period. All students, faculty, administration and staff members may nominate any eligible associate professor or full professor, and those nominations are due in the Office of Academic Affairs by March 2, 2018. The winner is determined by ballots cast by graduating seniors. The deadline for casting the ballots is March 29, 2018. The award is given at spring commencement.


2017  Heidi Berger
2016 Jan Everhart
2015 Kedron Bardwell
2014 Jackie Brittingham
2013 Ryan Rehmeier
2012 Mark Gammon
2011 Maria DiPalma
2010 Mark Freyberg
2009 Jim Palmieri
2008 Brian Steffen
2007 Melvin Wilk
2006 Nicolas Proctor
2005 Marilyn Mueller
2004 John Pauley
2003 Jennifer Nostrala
2002 Brian Steffen
2001 Gary Kinkel
2000 Fred Jones
1999 John Epperson
1998 John Pauley
1997 Cathy Baker
1996 Jane Kvetko
1995 Mark Green
1994 Roger Betsworth
1993 Bruce Haddox
1992 Fred Jones
1991 Alan Magruder
1990 Frank Colella
1989 Jane Kvetko
1988 Joseph Walt
1987 Joe Moody
1986 Alan Magruder