Faculty Award for Campus Leadership

For more than twenty years, Simpson College has honored a faculty member each year who has demonstrated outstanding campus leadership and service to students with the Faculty Award for Campus Leadership. The faculty member must be full-time.

Leadership on a college campus can be many things. Nominees for this award will have demonstrated outstanding leadership in areas that include, but are not limited to:

  • Mentoring new faculty members
  • Directing a campus-wide project
  • Committee service
  • The community outside of the college
  • The faculty member’s discipline
  • Recruiting and/or outreach
  • Chairing a department or division
  • Directing an institute or center
  • Engaging students in undergraduate research

Nominations may be made by any member of the Simpson College community. Letters of nomination should include a brief narrative outlining evidence of the candidate’s excellence in the chosen area of leadership. The award may be given for leadership in the previous year or leadership over a career.

Once nominated, nominees will remain eligible for three years. Past recipients may receive the award no more than once every five years. The faculty representatives to the Simpson College Board of Trustees and the academic dean will make a recommendation for the winner to the president of the college, who will make the final decision.

The award will be presented in a public forum during the fall or spring each year. Nominations are due in the Office of Academic Affairs by March 30, 2018. The award will be given at the fall kickoff breakfast.


2017 Carolyn Dallinger
2016 Nick Proctor
2015 Spencer Waugh
2014 Patricia Calkins
2013 Barb Ramos
2012 Rick Spellerberg
2011 Amy Doling & CoryAnne Harrigan
2010 Sal Meyers
2009 Maria DiPalma
2008 Jennifer Nostrala
2007 Martha Ellen Waggoner
2006 Nancy St. Clair
2005 Lora Friedrich
2004 Patricia Singer
2003 John Epperson
2002 Joe Moody
2001 John Sirianni
2000 Marilyn Mueller
1999 Bruce Sloan
1998 Cathy Baker
1997 Owen Duncan
1996 Fred Jones
1995 Everett Laning
1994 Janet Heinicke
1993 Roger Betsworth
1992 Ronald Warnet
1991 Jane Kvetko
1990 Bruce Haddox