Assignment Sheet: Conclusions

Instructional Materials

Simpson WAC

Sample Assignment: Writing Strong Conclusions


  • The following sample sheet is designed as an in-class activity, but it could be adapted for a homework assignment.
  • This activity uses large and small groupings.

 Goals: Students learn about different types and purposes of conclusions.

Advantages: Students practice analytical reading/viewing and brainstorming.


Types of conclusions

  1.  This University of North Carolina Writing Center has posted a great handout on Conclusions.
  2. Distribute the UNC handout, or a similar one, to students and discuss types of conclusions and appropriate situations for each type of conclusion.
  3. Show one or two brief videos. I like Simon’s Cat and
  4. Discuss the content of the video(s) as a large group.
  5. Divide class into small groups. Assign each group a different type of conclusion. Ask students to consider the information we have from the videos about Simon and his cat and write a concluding sentence or two using the assigned conclusion type.
  6. After a few minutes, ask the groups to share their conclusions and explain which type of conclusion they used.