Area of Engagement: Global Perspectives

Requirement Purpose

Global Perspectives courses engage students in an exploration of societies outside of the United States. While some courses may deal with a specific problem (e.g., global warming, genocide, human rights), others focus on larger trends over the course of time (e.g., art, religion, politics, history, economics, literature). By acquainting students with the diversity of thoughts, beliefs and values of a society (or societies) external to their own, these courses encourage a greater appreciation of and sensitivity to global diversity. Students will gain the knowledge and ability to operate within that diverse world in a manner that promotes engaged citizenship.

Required Course Characteristics

A course in this area will

  • analyze societal values through cultural expression (e.g. art, music, literature, cuisine)
  • explore a society or global issue within its own cultural context
  • investigate the origins and development of the culture and organization of the society
  • challenge student views and perceptions about cultures and societies different from their own

Area of Engagement Learning Objectives

Through completion of a GP course, students should be able to

  • identify the challenges and achievements of the culture and society under study
  • recognize the values of the culture and their impact on the decisions the society makes
  • demonstrate sensitivity to cultural similarities and differences
  • assess their roles in the interconnected global community

GP Proposal Form