Area of Engagement: Historical Perspectives

Requirement Purpose

Culture determines our assumptions, defines our options, and governs how we judge and perceive the modern world. Western culture emerged over time through a range of intellectual, philosophical, religious, and historical currents. A study of the development of Western culture and its past is critical to understand, appreciate or critique it. Such awareness provides context for the current structures of Western society and assists students in making informed decisions as engaged citizens.

Required Course Characteristics

A course in this area will

HP CC1. examine the influence of economic, social, intellectual, political, artistic and/or religious movements of Western culture
HP CC2. interpret, discuss, and critique influential texts or ideas of the West and have the students evaluate and interpret primary sources
HP CC3. analyze different of historical scholarly perspectives in terms of their evidence and arguments


Area of Engagement Learning Objectives

Through completion of an HP course, students should be able to

HP SLO1. describe the distinctive perspectives of people who lived in the time periods or settings studied
HP SLO2. analyze the relationship between the past and the present by considering the influence of the past on subsequent events, issues, and ideas
HP SLO3. relate the subjects under consideration to the broader historical and cultural contexts in which they occurred
HP SLO4. evaluate and interpret primary sources


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