Embedded Skill: Information Literacy

Requirement – A student will be required to have two IL courses.

Requirement Purpose

An information literate person is able to ask appropriate questions related to an information need and discover explanations and specific answers to those questions based on evidence. The goal of information literacy is knowledge, the basis for good decision making. Through the ability to make informed decisions, information literacy becomes a means by which individuals can develop into engaged citizens and contributing members of a community. Information literacy, as a methodology and a set of skills, allows and inspires individuals to be life-long learners. Information literacy is common to all academic disciplines; therefore, individual skills and concepts change when applied to specific fields of study and inquiry.

Required Course Characteristics

A course in this area will

IL CC1. offer explicit instruction in the use of information literacy skills including

  • choose and refine a research topic
  • identify key concepts and terms related to the topic
  • help students develop an awareness that information exists in various formats
IL CC2. be developed in consultation with a research librarian for first time instructors of the course
IL CC3. require students to utilize information literacy skills in completing assignments
IL CC4. provide feedback that is designed to help students evaluate and improve information literacy skills


Embedded Skill Learning Outcomes

Through completion of an IL course, students should be able to

IL SLO1. execute a research strategy by identifying search terms and locating relevant information in a variety of resources
IL SLO2. develop a research strategy by asking relevant questions and refining a research topic
IL SLO3. evaluate information found through a research strategy for suitability
IL SLO4. use information responsibly by following copyright laws and guidelines for referencing and citation


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