Embedded Skill: Collaborative Leadership

Requirement – A student will be required to have two CL courses.

Requirement Purpose

Collaborative leadership is a process in which individuals work effectively in groups to bring positive change to classrooms, institutions, or communities. Traditionally, leadership has been defined as positional and related to individual action, but collaborative leadership is a relational process and a shared responsibility. Collaborative leadership experiences will increase students’ confidence in working in groups for a shared goal and help students develop skills and dispositions like team building, delegation, conflict resolution, and effective communication.

Developing each student’s collaborative leadership skills will enable our graduates to make positive contributions in both the workplace and their communities. In a world where problems are complex and interdependent, and where teamwork is often required to unite diverse groups behind a shared goal, collaborative leadership is a key to engaged citizenship.

Required Course Characteristics

A course in this area will

CL CC1. provide explicit instruction in collaborative leadership skills and dispositions
CL CC2. provide opportunities for students to reflect on growth in collaborative leadership skills and dispositions
CL CC3. ask students to work collaboratively to create a joint product, achieve a shared goal, or promote positive change in their classrooms, institutions, or communities
CL CC4. provide ongoing individual or group feedback on the collaborative leadership process


Embedded Skill Learning Outcomes

Through completion of a CL course, students should be able to

CL SLO1. articulate the skills and dispositions necessary to achieve a shared goal
CL SLO2. apply the skills and dispositions necessary for effective collaboration
CL SLO3. explain how their strengths and weaknesses in collaboration affect the outcome of a collaborative leadership process

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