Assessment and Program Review Committee

Overview of APRC Mandate:

The Assessment and Program Review Committee is charged with regularly evaluating departments, programs, cornerstones and competencies. APRC adopted process and criteria for all major reviews and annual updates can be found in links at the bottom of this page. APRC intends that these guidelines lead departments and programs to an analytical assessment of, and not simply to a description of, departments and programs. Emphasis is placed on strengths, concerns and issues for the future for each department and program. These guidelines will allow individual program reviews to flow directly into the assessment of the College for future North Central accreditations. More importantly, this self-assessment will help departments and programs to build upon their strengths and make plans to remedy areas of weakness.

The Review Process (in brief):

The assessment and program review process consists of (a) the completion and submission of a regularly scheduled assessment report (see The Simpson College Assessment and Program Review Process and Criteria for Department and Program Assessment) to be completed by most* departments and academic programs on an eight year cycle (see the APRC Department and Program Assessment Schedule), and (b) the completion and submission of brief, annual updates to the regularly scheduled assessment report.

* Departments that maintain accreditation from an outside agency may be reviewed on a cycle that reflects the cycle of that accrediting agency.

The Role of APRC in the Review Process:

The Assessment and Program Review Committee will review the regularly scheduled assessment reports of all departments and programs. The committee meets with external evaluators, reads all assessment reports, asks questions for clarification, and makes suggestions in the interest of improving the value of the assessment and the quality of the report. It should be clear that the committee’s role is to validate the assessment process and final evaluation report. APRC is not tasked with evaluating the department or program. The required External Evaluation Team (see External Visit Guidelines) will be instrumental in providing an evaluation of program and department structure. Although it does not substitute its judgment for the judgment of the department, APRC may make recommendations to the department and to the Dean concerning departmental programs.

Each year the Assessment and Program Review committee will collect and review the annual updates to the regularly scheduled assessment report.

As a part of the review of the annual updates, the committee will review the format of the annual update and issue modifications to the specific topics addressed for the following year’s update.


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Annual Assessment Reports:
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Program Review:
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