Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee


One faculty member from each division with staggered terms plus one faculty member at large. At least three members must be tenured.

One student with junior status or higher appointed by the president of the student government with the advice and consent of the student senate.

Ex-officio non-voting member: the Registrar

The chair shall be elected from among the tenured faculty members.

The chair shall be one of the representatives of the faculty to the Board of Trustees.

Responsibilities of the Education Policy and Curriculum Committee

(a) To study, evaluate, and make recommendations to the faculty concerning the addition and deletion or substantial alteration of courses and programs, majors and minors in all day, evening and weekend offerings of the college.

(b) To coordinate and integrate the courses, programs, and academic functions of the college. Constitution and Bylaws 10

(c) To recommend policies and procedures for honors programs, advanced standing, and “testing out.”

(d) To meet through a subcommittee (called the “athletics committee”) to recommend policies concerning the program of intercollegiate athletics to the full committee. The “athletics committee” will be composed of three members of the EPCC. The faculty representative to the athletic conference of which the college is a member, the chairperson of the department of physical education, and the athletic director shall be ex officio members.

(e) To consider the programs for the May term and to make recommendations to the full committee through a subcommittee called the “May term committee.” The “May term committee” shall be composed of the coordinator of the May term, who shall serve as chairperson of the committee, and three faculty members and one student member selected within and by the EPCC membership.

The full committee meets regularly throughout the year on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as need requires.

  • EPCC Proposals Forms – visit the Registrar’s Office faculty resources page.
  • For the forms needed to propose Engaged Citizenship General Education Program designations visit the General Education – Proposing Courses page.
  • Procedures – The deadline for all changes that affect majors, minors and courses for the next school year is October 1 .  This deadline gives EPCC time to process the proposals, gives the Faculty time to consider them, and gives the Registrar’s Office enough time to enter the data into the computer before students register in the spring for courses for Fall of the next school year.  Use only current forms.   Do not use forms from previous years.
    • All proposals must be sent by e-mail and by the department chair.
    • CC the division chair on all proposals.
    • All proposals must be submitted as Word documents.  No PDFs will be accepted.

    The following changes must be sent to EPCC.

    • Course name changes
    • Course description changes
    • Course number changes
    • Prerequisite changes
    • Additions or deletions of courses
    • All changes to the major/minor

    Not all of these changes must go to the faculty, but all changes must be proposed to have a paper trail and the documentation necessary for the Registrar’s Office to complete its work.
    Link to EPCC forms

EPCC Hearing Procedures

Committees and Members