Study Abroad Committee

This committee provides oversight of study abroad proposals. They receive all the proposals for study abroad courses offered for academic credit; discuss, evaluate, and provide feedback on those proposals; and forward all proposals to the EPCC or the academic dean with either a positive or negative recommendation. They also make recommendations to the EPCC and administration regarding existing study-abroad programs offered by the college and other institutions, new international programs of the college, and the promotion of international education among students and faculty.


One faculty member from each division. Members shall be elected with terms staggered so that approximately one-third of the committee members are elected each year.

Non-voting ex-officio members shall be the chair of the World Language and Culture Studies Department, Director of International Education, Registrar, Associate Dean, and the Assistant Dean of Multicultural and International Affairs.

One student appointed by the president of the student government with the advice and consent of the student senate.

Committees and Members