Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • AWAR   Adequate Warning and Referral – system in place to refer
    concerns regarding a student to counseling services
  • ARMC   Amy Robertson Music Center
  • BLC      Budget and Liaison Committee
    Six members by rank (two full professors, two associate professors and
    two assistant professors or instructors.
  • BPAC    Blank Performing Arts Center
  • CAB      Campus Activities Board – student run
  • CHIP    Capitol Hill Internship Program
  • CNC     Constitution and Nominating Committee
    Five members (one from each Division).
  • CONTINUING AND GRADUATE PROGRAMS – formerly known as EWG (changed title in 2013)
  • CVIL    Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning
  • ENACTUS   Previously known as SIFE – students in free enterprise
  • EPCC    Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee
    Ten members, two from each Division (at least one of the two must be
  • EWG    Evening, Weekend and Graduate program (changed to Continuing and Graduate Programs in 2013)
  • FPC      Faculty Personnel Committee
    Five tenured members with at least three full time professor
  • MAT      Master of Arts in Teaching offered through Evening, Weekend, and
    Graduate Program
  • RAC      Research Assistance Center (located in Dunn Library)
  • RLC      Religious Life Community
  • RSC      Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Grant for faculty through Academic
    Dean and Faculty Development offices
  • SAC      Simpson Athletic Club – athletic facility memberships by the general public
  • SARA   Sexual Assault and Response Advocates
  • SGA      Student Government Association
  • SIFE     Students in Free Enterprise (changed to ENACTUS in 2013)
  • TLC       Tradition of Learning & Caring
  • WAC     Writing Across the Curriculum (writing center located in Dunn Library)

If an abbreviation, acronym, or initialism often used at Simpson College has been missed or perhaps just newly developed, please alert Sal Meyers and it will be added to the list.