Most Used Contact Information

Below are just a few of the names of the most often asked questions and contacts to assist with answers on campus.

Topic Contact Extension
Bookstore Kathy Magruder 1635
Computer/information services
     Software Chuck Johnson 1866
     Lab consultant Rita Watson 1869
     Email/long distance Paul Crittenden 1680
                “ Misty Turner 1885
Other info/services questions Kelley Bradder 1621
Classes, enrollment, locations, time Lynette Anderson 1644
                “ Cheryl Gravett 1734
                “ Tammi Perry 1366
                “ Rhonda Pooley 1648
Housing (student) Luke Behaunek 1562
Faculty Development Sal Meyers 1743
Financial Aid Tracie Pavon 1630
Inter-library loan Kristen Graham 1815
Keys Jan Keeling 1623/1622
Librarians (research) Mary Peterson 1520
       ”           “ Steve Duffy 1748
Library books/articles on reserve  Karin Hooper  1518
Library questions Cyd Dyer 1519
Library serials access Liz Grimsbo 1485
Notary Brenda Wickett (President’s office) 1611
Nurse Rita Audlehelm 1604
Registrar Jody Ragan 1517
Security/Parking Chris Frerichs 1711
Students (Dean) Jim Thorius 1532
Student Career Counseling Jennifer del Pino 1530
Student Counseling Service Ellie Olsen 1228
Student Tutors/Special Needs Todd Little 1524
Telephone/Fax Trish Pascasio 1607
Telephone/Phonemail Nate Reeves 1619

Any other faculty-related questions, contact Academic Dean, Steve Griffith (x1560) or his assistant, Sandy Condon (x1720).