If you know of a student who is or might be struggling academically, socially, or emotionally, share that information with someone who can offer resources to support that student. Share the behaviors you have seen and the steps you have taken.

You may send an email to retention. These e-mail messages are automatically sent to all the members of the Students of Concern team (see below), Kara May (Asst Dir Hawley and the person who works with athletes in the Champ program), and Rich Ramos (Asst Dean of Students).

If you prefer to have a phone conversation, you can contact any one of the people listed below. They are all members of the Students of Concern team:

Mara Bailey, Chaplain, Smith Chapel, x1684
Luke Behaunek, Dean of Students, x1562
Marzia Corni-Benson, Director of Student Support Services, x1227
Jim Hayes, Associate Dean, Director of Retention & Student Success, x1281
Stephanie Neve, Student Support Services Retention Coordinator, x1231
Ellie Olson, Director of Counseling Services, x1556
Jody Ragan, Registrar, x1642

If a student needs a tutor or help with study skills, contact the Hawley Academic Resource Center.
Jim Hayes, Director, x1281
Kara May, Assistant Director, x1211