Syllabi and Other Supporting Materials

The following advice is offered by Sal Meyers, Director of Faculty Development, in an attempt to be helpful to faculty undergoing a summative review process.  The information in this document has not been approved by the Faculty Personnel Committee nor the dean and is not official College policy.  There is no guarantee that following this advice will lead to reappointment, tenure, or promotion.

The list of dates that FPC provided indicates that you may submit other supporting materials along with your self-evaluation, vita, and syllabi, although the faculty handbook makes no mention of other supporting materials.  Consider including other supporting materials as appendices to your self-evaluation and/or vita.  For example, if in your self-evaluation you mention a specific assignment that you use in a class, consider including a copy of the assignment in an appendix.  If your vita mentions a recent publication, consider including a copy of that publication or a portion of the publication.

Keep in mind that the members of FPC have a lot of material to read and do not want to be inundated with supporting materials.  I recommend that you not including everything possible in an appendix; instead, be selective and include materials that will help the members of FPC get an accurate picture of who you are as a teacher, advisor, scholar, and community member.

The faculty handbook does explicitly mention submitting syllabi with your self-evaluation and vita.  The handbook does not mention how many syllabi to include.  Consider including one syllabus from each course you commonly teach or that only you teach.  If there is a syllabus for a course not explicitly mentioned in your self-evaluation, consider adding a one-page reflection about the course.  That reflection might highlight how the course illustrates your teaching philosophy, why you chose to teach that course in that particular way, or how you know that course was successful (e.g., by commenting on your teaching evaluations and/or evidence of student learning).