Staff and Committee Members

Sal Meyers
Director of Faculty Development

Jodi Eubank
Administrative Assistant

Faculty Development Committee Members for 2015-16: 

Education and Social Science Division (1st yr of 3)
Denise Leifker

Humanities Division (2nd yr of 3)
Sharon Wilkinson (for Mark Bates)

Natural Sciences Division (3rd yr of 3)
Derek Lyons, Chair

Policy Studies (3rd yr of 3)
Jim Palmieri

Visual and Performing Arts Division (2nd yr of 3)
Kim Roberts

Ex-Officio Members:
Steve Griffith, Academic Dean
Sal Meyers, Director of Faculty Development
Mary Peterson, Instruction Librarian
Jule Thorsen, Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS)
Beth Beggs, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
Tristan Carman, Student