Staff and Committee Members

Sal Meyers
Director of Faculty Development

Jodi Eubank
Administrative Assistant

Faculty Development Committee Members for 2016-17: 

Business & Communication Studies Division (1st yr of 3)
Mark Green

Education Division (1st yr of 3)
Aryn Kruse

Humanities Division (3rd yr of 3)
Mark Bates

Math & Natural Science Division (1st yr of 3)
Clint Meyer

Social Science Division (2nd yr of 3)
Denise Leifker

Visual and Performing Arts Division (3rd yr of 3)
Kim Roberts

Ex-Officio Members:
Kent Eaton, Academic Dean
Sal Meyers, Director of Faculty Development
Mary Peterson, Instruction Librarian
Jule Thorsen, Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS)
Beth Beggs, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
TBD, Student