Learn what equipment is available in the classroom in which you are teaching.  This link will also provide information regarding additional equipment that can be checked out from the offices in Carver and Wallace

Clickers (the audience response system that can be used with a laptop and projector to do interactive surveys or quizzes in class)

Scholar and Portal Sites – Both allow you to teach part or all of your class online, but they do not offer all the same features.  To decide which to use, click here.

Learning to Use the Technology on Campus

Backing Up Files

Black Box – The black boxes are in classrooms with projectors that allow you to show students PowerPoint presentations, videos, DVDs and more.

PowerPoint – A Tutorial from the University of Maryland

Scholar – Handouts, videos, books, and who to call for help.

Translating In-Class Teaching and Learning to the Online Environment

Have someone come to your office and help you learn PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, WebCT or any other piece of technology you would like help learning.  Contact Sal Meyers at Ext. 1743 to make arrangements.

Faculty Options for Teaching Online