Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Instructional Resources

As we teach our students college writing, it is important to remember that even some AP students are not prepared for college writing. Before college, students are rewarded for composing a five-paragraph essay during a 50 minute class. These timed-writings leave little time for sentence-level edits and no time for real revision. In addition to teaching students disciplinary writing practices, we m778616960ust also teach them that successful college writing cannot be completed in one, or two, or three hours, that proofreading is not a single act but a series of techniques, and that paragraphs may be moved around in a paper or completely omitted from the final draft.

Second Verse is a bank of resources to supplement the writing instruction that you are already providing—because sometimes our students just need to hear the same concept explained in another way or by another person. Materials in the Second Verse bank are identified and linked by URL. A brief review, in the form of “Pros,” “Cons,” and “Bonus” describes how you might adapt these resources into classroom activities or assignments. 


Organized Writing

Revising and Editing


 *  The P.I.E. activity focuses on content; therefore, this activity is appropriate as both an organization and a revision assignment.



This URL is for a brief slideshow that describes email etiquette in an academic setting.


Beth Beggs, Writing Across the Curriculum Director