Instructional Materials: Conclusions

Instructional Materials

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Teaching Students to Compose Strong Conclusions

Strategies for Writing a Conclusion

Pros: This site discusses the tasks of a conclusion, and it provides clear examples of questions that a strong conclusion answers.  It clearly reminds students that a conclusion is more than “restating the thesis” or “summarizing” the essay. It even describes different types of which is helpful for students who may know by a different name the sort of conclusion you want them to write.

Cons: None.

BONUS: Adapt for an in-class peer review or personal revision activity by asking students to look at the conclusion and identify which question(s) the conclusion answers.



Pros: This offers similar information to the previous site, but it gives more details descriptions and examples. Students could read this to prepare for a class discussion about conclusions.

Cons: None.

BONUS: Like the last site, this one is also quite easily adapted for peer review or personal revision activities.


Ending the Essay:  Conclusions

Pros: This site provides “Do’s and Don’ts” for writing conclusions. Students may recognize these elements within their own or a peer’s conclusions.

Cons: The suggestions at this site are not applicable for all types of writing. Be sure that this site describes the sort of conclusion that you hope to read.