Current Exhibit

Peter Thompson

Reception: Thursday, October 23 5-6 PM


Peter Thompson

Artist Statement


As you move through the world, you experience places, spaces, sights, sounds, and feelings. For me, painting is a process of recording or reproducing the attention that I pay to those things. I try to make paintings that embody mindful observation. My hope is that the viewer will have an internal experience that echoes and responds to my own attention to both the original percept, and the process of constructing a composition.

Throughout the past two decades, my attention has been directed largely toward bars and musicians.  Both subjects have kept me in dark spaces. I love the mysterious indeterminacy of those darks, especially when punctuated by surprising bright colors of light.  But in recent years I have felt a desire to move into a different kind of light.

I have had the opportunity to travel in the past few years, and I have used that opportunity to gather new imagery with an eye to moving my observations out-of-doors and into the light. This imagery includes card players in China, and plein air paintings of the ancient city of Arles, France.  I spent two weeks in Arles in the fall of 2013 painting from a rooftop terrace while staying in an apartment in a medieval building that is situated between a Roman coliseum and a Roman amphitheater.

Both bodies of work are represented in this exhibition. And while there are strong contrasts (light and dark, indoor and outdoor, at home and abroad), I believe there are similarities in the consideration of the figure in space and in the use of light and color to construct an engaging composition that reflects an experience of mindful observation  .