Current Exhibit

John Schultz

Reception: Thursday, December 4 5-6 PM

Schultz photo
Schultz photo 3
John Schultz Artist’s Statement          These images of Iowa are an outgrowth of a commission from Bank Iowa Corporation in 2005, a request that launched my pursuit of black & white Fine Art Photography.          In seeking composition and texture on a heartland theme, the photographer has exercised his predilection for being a broken down old romantic. The subject matter and quality of light recall impressions from Sunday afternoon drives in the early 1950’s, a time before Morton buildings diminished the Iowa scene.          Much of the work in my previous career of magazine and public relations photography utilized candid technique with hand-held motor-driven film cameras. By contrast, this current digital Fine Art Photography is shot from a tripod to increase crispness and depth of field. Another benefit from this deliberate approach is that it forces one to slow down, to really contemplate and fine tune the vision and preparation, and enjoy an antidote to a frenetic world. Additionally, the purity of black & white compels the viewer to slow down, concentrating the mind on the basics of form, line and texture, undistracted by color.