Farnham Galleries Current Exhibit

Artist Statement

My sculptures are predominately binary in format, and involve 2 different areas of interest, but are related bodies of work. These investigations are associated through my personal experiences, with the neurological disease multiple sclerosis, and its effects; such as its progression, and its results that lead to less mobility and increased confinement. The other subject of interest is rituals and customs that surround death. These subjects become related through the use of materials, and processes which unifies them visually and metaphorically. The wood and fabric constructions are created from my response to my emotional memory, images found on websites like Wikipedia, google, author, Joseph Campbell, and Tricycle magazine.

In my studio practice I use traditional materials and additive methods. I rely on my intuitive responses to materials, and in my one area of interest I build up, remove, rearrange and develop the forms. One way I do this is using industrial reflective foil tape which serves to temporarily hold the pieces of wood in place before permanently being attached. Most of the tape gets removed while other parts of it are left in the work revealing, and becoming its history, its evidence like lesions appearing on the brain.

In my second area of interest I am drawn to tributes to the departed these are events that make us human, that define the distance between us and the stars. Witnessing both how disease can bring forth a greater undertaking of the human condition and the unavoidable destiny of all life is central to my work. My hope is to invite self-reflection, or discussion through expressing a binary paradox with regard to juxtaposition of materials, and compositional organization that look at effects of disease and rituals that surround death.