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David Helm

Reception: Thursday, February 12 5-6 PM

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David Helm

Artist's Statement March 2014

"Fade to Black" - Simpson College

My work has always been about trying to capture the moment between the past and the future, or what St Augustine referred to as the “knifes edge”. For nearly 30 years I have explored the implications of what happens at this intersection. In most cases, my investigation results in a political and historical commentary, though on occasion I discover something more profound.

While I continue to maintain a fascination with the authority of history, my current body of work documents the powerful visceral experience I encountered when I physically placed myself at the crossroads of a past and a future. Fade to Black is the second attempt at telling the story of travelling to Italy in search of ancient Roman roads. The story is complex. It involves mapping, oral history, weird bus rides, trekking in rain storms, sudden discoveries and moments of calm contemplation. Through images, objects and sounds I once again am attempting to capture the academic and experiential essence of my research.

David Helm