Farnham Galleries Current Exhibit

Artist's Statement

Len_DavisI have eclectic taste. That’s why I’m so fascinated by the use of mixed media. I like mixed media because of the outcome of combining several elements, creating various textures and color to evoke a thought and mood in the stories I tell. It’s like a pizza with everything on it. Once you take that first bite, you’re inundated with flavor. And that’s what I strive for in my work.

I work in assemblage, collage, drawing and works on paper. I use lots of found objects, drawings, print outs, text usage, graphite, color pencil, gouache, acrylic, pastel, etc. My pieces deal with life itself, i.e., the people we are, what we create, our capabilities and the issues with which we deal. My premise is to lure the viewer in. Once they’re in, they will be placed in a position to reflect on and question their ethics, be it disquieting or placid.