Carver Scholarship & Fellowship

George Washington Carver Fellowship & Scholarship

“I owe to Simpson College my real beginning in life.”
George Washington Carver, BA, MS, PhD

slave, freedman, artist, hotel cook, laundryman, farm laborer,
teacher, scientist, researcher, experimenter, agriculturist

carverIn celebration of Simpson’s 150th anniversary in 2010, the college included the George Washington Carver Fellowship and the George Washington Carver Scholarship as two of the four Sesquicentennial Scholarships. Established in 2005 by Dr. John Byrd, president of Simpson College, the awards were named in honor of scientist and former student George Washington Carver.

Born 1861 in Missouri to a slave woman owned by Moses Carver, George Washington Carver was raised by the Carver family after his mother disappeared in a raid. He showed promise as a student and was sent away to school and completed most of his high school requirements. He applied, was accepted but was then refused admission to a university in the Midwest. A few years later he tried again and walked 25 miles to Simpson College and was admitted on registration day. At Simpson he developed his artistic skills as a painter but was encouraged to study botany. He finished his Bachelor of Arts degree at Iowa State Agricultural College.

Over his lifetime, he developed 300 derivative products from peanuts and 118 from sweet potatoes including ink, dyes, plastics, a synthetic rubber and postage stamp glue.

George Washington Carver Fellowship

The Carver Fellowship is one of the most prestigious academic awards offered by Simpson College. The Carver Fellowship ranges from 3/4 to full tuition. Up to 25 full tuition Carver Fellowships will be awarded annually. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding freshman and transfer students from distinctive and broadly diverse backgrounds, who exhibit potential for leadership, evidence of service and contribution to community and superior academic achievement in secondary school. The Carver Fellowship is renewable.

carver George Washington Carver Scholarship

The Carver Scholarships are awarded to both freshman and transfer students from distinctive and broadly diverse backgrounds, who will help enrich the educational environment and bring multicultural perspectives to the campus community. The Carver Scholarship awards range from $11,000 to $15,000. This scholarship is renewable.

Simpson College is committed to helping students develop the tools they need for success. George Washington Carver’s journey to success and self-fulfillment began as walk to Simpson College. The scholarships provide the opportunity for you to attend and begin your journey.