Frequently Asked Questions

When do I register for classes?

  • Registration information will be provided through the Registrar’s website and through other various channels. Please check your student email and SC Connect accounts for further updates.

How do I declare a major?

  • If you need to declare a major, you are encouraged to meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss the process. You will need to complete a DECLARATION OF MAJOR AND/OR MINOR form which is available through the Registrar’s Office.

When do I need to declare a major?

  • A student will generally declare a major after the completion of 40 credit hours; however, the declaration of a major can occur any time before or after this point.

Can a student have more than one major or minor declared?

  • Yes, it is possible for a student to declare more than one major and/or minor; however the student should visit with their academic advisor to discuss possible options and to review the time needed to complete any additional requirements associated with a second major or minor. The student must have at least one declared major to graduate.

How do I drop or add a class to my schedule?

  • Be sure to check the appropriate date when adding a class to your schedule. Generally, a student can add or drop a class within the first week of each semester. If the drop/add period is still active, you may be able to complete the change to your schedule via the online registration system. Otherwise, please visit with the Registrar’s Office staff to discuss the process further. Also, be sure to visit with your advisor to ensure dropping or adding a class is appropriate in order to have you progress in your pursuit of the degree.

What if the add/drop period is over?

  • If the date is past the drop/add period then your option is to withdraw from the class. You should use the COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM and still obtain the necessary signatures. Courses may not be added after the drop/add period unless by a special request from the instructor.

How do I change advisors?

  • You can change your academic advisor by picking up a CHANGE OF ADVISOR form in the Registrar’s Office or by visiting their webpage. Be sure to complete the form and have the current advisor sign it as well as the new advisor. This will ensure both faculty advisors will be informed of the change. Once complete, submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.